Høj kvalitet, innovation og pålideligt løfteudstyr til enhver industri

For mange er løfteudstyr en nødvendig men uinteressant del af hverdagen. Men det er derfor, vi er her. For os er det at finde den rigtige løsning til en given løfteopgave, det vi gør bedst.

Med vores innovative, fleksible og pålidelige løfteudstyr, håber vi på at kunne hjælpe dig med at finde den ideelle løsning for at løfte sikkert, ubesværet og effektivt, nærmest usynligt.

Paradoksalt nok stræber vi efter usynlighed!

Jo mindre du tænker på at løfte og lægger mærke til vores løftevogne, desto større en succes betragter vi dem for at være. Hvis vores løfteudstyr virker usynligt, betyder det at det gør sit arbejde. At vores løftevogne virker som planlagt og er blevet en naturlig og problemfri udvidelse af dit miljø.

Interesseret? Så kontakt os endeligt!

Contact / call 2Lift if you have any questions.

Specielle eller vanskelige opgaver? Vi kan typsik håndtere dem!

Det at løfte og håndtere noget, kan lyde simpelt og nogle gange er det. Andre gange kan listen over ting, der skal overvejes, være meget lang, når man skal købe en løftevogn til en specifikke industri til en speciel last og med specielle håndteringskrav.

I den sammenhæng er det essentielt at din leverandør forstår dine behov.

Hos 2Lift har vi et meget grundigt og velafprøvet system, hvor vi fortsætter med at undersøge din situation, indtil vi er sikre på, at vi har forstået alt, hvad der er at vide om dine løfte- og håndteringsbehov.

Vi er som regel glade for overraskelser, men ikke af den type, der skyldes dårligt forarbejde. Før vi bygger vores kunders løfteudstyr, vil vi være sikre på, at vi forstår opgaven til fulde og dermed levere den bedst mulige løsning.

Industrial material handling equipment for lifting and handling rolls, boxes, pallets, and drums.

Fleksibilitet og specialløsninger er nøgleområder for os

Når det kommer til at:

- Gribe emner med særlig geometri

- Holde på skrøbelige emner

- Arbejde i særligt miljø, fx renrum

- Manøvrere hvor pladsen er trang

... er vi på hjemmebane. Ofte er det her, hvor vi gør den største forskel.

Selvom vi har et bredt udvalg af standard løfte- og håndteringsudstyr til ruller, tønder, paller og kasser, er specialløsninger vores specialitet.  

Flexible material handling solutions and custom portable lifters for heavy industrial use.

Hvis du allerede ved, at du har brug for en skræddersyet løsning til fx renrum eller andre særlige miljøer, kan du med fordel kontakte os med det samme.

Industries Served

Industries - We've Served Most. Most Likely Yours, too

Industrial material handling equipment for all industries: pharma, food, storage, automotive and tech. 2Lift ApS.

Industrial material handling equipment ... the complexity of which is well-mirrored in the word length of the concept.

Designing industrial lift equipment not only requires knowledge of the existence of all the different regulations pertaining to each industry, it also demands a willingness to abide by those rules (e.g. GMP) and incorporate them into to the design of the lifters.

At 2Lift we do that. Always.

Even if it takes more time. Even if it requires more effort. Even if it means spending more resources on the design.

We know of the consequences of poor design or inappropriate materials. Cutting corners may result in personnel accidents or injuries. Taking the easy way out may entail unfortunate product contamination in e.g. cleanroom environments.

In other words, doing a poor or even mediocre job can be costly, both in human, corporate, and financial terms.

Therefore industry regulations always come first when we begin a design process. Industry specific regulations make up the backbone of the design, materials and components, irrelevant of whether you need:

- Stainless steel pharma lifters for cleanroom use

- Stainless steel handling lifters for the food and beverage industry

- Lifting and handling equipment for storage purposes

- Material handling equipment for other industries such as automotive, electronics etc.

Industrial lift equipment for any industry: pharma, food and beverage, storage, automotive etc.


Handling Solutions

Different Needs, Different Solutions for Material Handling Equipment
- Our Modular Design Embraces Whatever You Need to Handle

Roll and reel handling equipment built from modular design.Lego! Yes, we're talking about those small colourful toy bricks.

Besides being hours of fun and bringing out the inner child in every engineer, what's the clever thing about them?

Well, their endless potential for building whatever you feel like, in whatever shape or size you can imagine.

We love that concept, too. And as we come from Denmark, the homeland of Lego, nothing could be more appropriate than to incorporate such an ingenious way of thinking into our products.

Hence all components of our material handling equipment make up parts of a whole, something we call the 2Lift Modular Design.

This means we can shape and build our lifters pretty much as we please and it yields a true bounty of opportunities for you to gain the exact lift equipment solution required.

So irrelevant of whether you need:

- Roll lifting equipment
- Drum handler equipment
- Pallet lifter equipment
- Industrial material handling for boxes

.... we can build it.

And again, we are experts in special solutions for odd shapes, challenging environments (either in terms physical work area layout or industry regulations), and unusual handling requirements.

So if our standard solutions won't do the job, we will happily custom design exactly what you need.

Why Choose 2Lift

Yes, why choose us? Good question!

The short answers are:

  • You want a whole industry-specific solution that fits, not just a standard product.
  • You want to be sure that ergonomics and safety are not just buzzwords, but actual practical top priorities.
  • You find it imperative that all material handling equipment is thoroughly tested and documented before you receive it.
  • You desire highly skilled technical support and service, plus a full spare part program.

Custom Solutions

Need something out of the ordinary, something beyond standard? With the experience of thousands of custom solutions under our belt, we'd be delighted to tailor our material handling products to suit your needs, too.


High Quality Products

Looking for strong, reliable, and durable electric lifters for heavy industrial use? We design and build our material handling equipment with only top quality components, predominantly of German and Danish origin.


Service and Support

Need to replace a component or looking for technical advice? We have a full spare part program available and highly skilled technicians who are ready to answer any questions you might have. 

A Quick Peak at 2Lift ApS


2Lift ApS is a Danish engineering company that builds innovative, high quality, and reliable industrial material handling equipment for international markets.

With our highly skilled and experienced staff and specialized consultants, we always aim to take take lift design one step further ahead. To handle things better. To lift innovation even higher.

So yes, we're very ambitious, but at the same time we're down-to-earth and easy-going.

Yes, we might have a different edge to our corporate personality (young, informal and humorous) than most in this line of business, but our edges are rounded. So even though we're passionate about e.g. cleanroom equipment, our personality is warm and far from sterile. At least, that's what we've been told so far.

We hope you will agree, and we look very much forward to working with you, should you find us a good match for your needs.

You can read more about 2Lift on our About Us page or Profile and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact 2Lift for any questions.

2Lift is a material handling company that focuses on developing and manufacturing material handling equipment for heavy industrial use.

With head office and factory in Denmark, we specialize in designing bespoke electric lifter solutions for global distribution. But for those with more standard needs, we also have a wide range of material handling lift options readily available.

Find out more about who were are at About Us and Profile.

Acting with the highest principles of integrity is the ethical foundation from which 2Lift aims to conduct all it's businesses and activities.

The 2Lift Code of Conduct is the 'formal' version of what guides that inner moral compass.

To further explore 2Lift's main corporate values of openness, honesty, respect and fair play (in a more official legalese tone of voice), please visit our Code of Conduct page. From there you may also find a downloadable version.

The 2Lift Mission Statement works for us in pretty much the same way as the celestial night sky worked for seafarers in the past - it's a very important tool for navigation.

Our mission statement helps us form our strategies by outlining our overall direction and setting our ultimate goal.

Curious? Then, please visit our Mission Statement page for more information.

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